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Spencer Smith Park willow tree recipient Richard Gingras submits photos of his creation

We’ve just received photos of the first piece of art created by the community from the wood planks from the Spencer Smith Park Willow Tree. Planks that were planed, milled and kiln dried by Arborwood Tree Service and Exotic Woods were handed out in September based on a lottery draw.

Congratulations, Richard Gingras for completing your willow tree wood creation!

As we promised, we have shared photos of Richard’s project to the community.

He used every last piece of the wood to develop a beautiful table, chair and lamp! We are so happy to see our trees live on in new ways, in the homes of Burlington residents who love our city, and aspire to keep the love going for years to come.



Learn more about how the willow trees and the efforts by the city for the wood to live on in creative projects from the community: Spencer Smith Park Willows

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