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The shift was made to be more reflective of the content and intent of these pages; the material is city-wide rather than ward-specific, and intended to spark conversation across the city on the issues we face. You can read more about A Better Burlington below. Find the most up-to-date content there. This site will no longer be updated.

A Better Burlington began in 2006 after my neighbours said they felt left out of city decisions, learning about them only after they’d been made.

As a journalist for 22 years, I thought “I can do something about that” and a website and newsletter were born.

Over the years coverage has expanded beyond a neighbourhood or Ward to issues of interest to the whole city. The newsletter and website have taken various forms and names in that time, but the intent has remained constant throughout: To let you know what’s happening at City Hall before decisions are made, so you can influence outcomes for A Better Burlington.

The best decisions are made when elected representatives tap the wisdom of our community members, and welcome many different perspectives.This site allows residents to comment and debate with each other; our Commenting Guidelines established in 2016 aim to keep debate respectful.

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Written by Marianne Meed Ward

I was inspired to seek public office because I believe, like so many of you, “I can do something about that” on the issues we face. As councilor, my role is to take a stand on what’s best for residents and go to bat for it. Pushback is inevitable from those who don’t have the community’s interests at heart. I will stand with you and for you, to achieve the best interests of our city, without caving to unacceptable compromise in the name of consensus.


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    • But what are we trading him in for? I’ll probably end up wasting my vote for anyone who promises to sync the streetlights and put a bus across Upper Middle from Brant to Appleby. Forget grand visions. If someone also promises to make the city more commuter friendly (esp cars) then I might even knock on doors for them.

    • Well if you live in Ward 3 I can always use an extra pair of legs come May! As far as Marianne Meed Ward she at least represents the people who voted for her not development or contractors. She can’t help it if she gets thrown under the bus by her fellow old school boy’s club I include Lancaster in that group also.

    • At least the ‘old school boys’ gave us the Pier and BPAC. Pretty sure you oppose these signature Burlington accomplishments. If you want to chant the taxes low build nothing (net effect of calling community projects ‘pet projects’) we might as well import Trump. Or wait for Ford.

    • Well aren’t we thankful for those awesome personal legacy projects (as she types with sarcasm) One would hardly call them accomplishments if the price of their yearly upkeep is any indicator. Burlington must be rolling in money if that was true. Too bad theirs no money left over for you know the frivolities of Burlington life such as road, park, proper outreach programs for senior’s ( which by the way Burlington leads in the most senior population in Canada) maintenance etc…..

    • And THERE it is. Typical Burlington do nothing. I haven’t seen the stats on the cost of up-keep versus the increase in tourism dollars but statistics don’t lie but liars use statistics so a mugs game I’d rather not play. Do you honestly think THERE’S no correlation between the most seniors (I’ll take your for it) and the fact that council after council fights the building of highrises and affordable housing so young families can afford to live here? At this rate the future of Burlington is 5 000 seniors living in $100 million homes all paying the taxes. Try increasing the tax base to share the tax burden. Try bringing people in from outside of Burlington to spend money during and after enjoying our Pier and other amenities…

    • Not even going to debate you, your numbers are ridiculous. So having a reasonable discussion is out of the question. This same council has been ruling Burlington for decades Dennison 20 years + Taylor 30 years + Craven 16 years +. If you want someone to blame for the How the growth of Burlington has progressed over the years you need look no further than your “Old boys club” council. So if you really want new idea’s I would suggest you get behind a candidate that is going to run who will have to fix the mess Burlington has been left with and most of this council was behind.

    • Oh and enjoying our pier, they would have to drive and find parking downtown then walk over to the pier because WAIT We have a pier that boats can’t dock on. Boy that was a brilliant idea.

    • John Syko Two taxpayer funded boondoggles as “accomplishments”?????? The only benefit to the Pier to Nowhere is that it stands as an enduring monument to fiscal incompetence and mismanagement at City Hall.

  1. First Goldring squeeks by Wallace. She can run in 2022. Unless she’s gutsy and wants to go up the middle in a tight 3 way race. Would she get more votes if she explained why we need highrises and works to develop a plan to accommodate downtown intensification instead of constantly stroking the NIMBurlingtonY’s? Maybe even work with ADI instead of setting them up for abuse? She’s the best of a bad lot but a vision isn’t no progress (especially dressed up as continuous consultation and railing against the OMB).

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