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Storm Alert: Power may be out 36-72 hrs in places

Power may be out 36-72 hours

Burlington HydroAs a result of the ice storm, downed trees and hydro lines, power may be out in parts of Burlington for 36-72 hours. An Emergency Operations Centre has been set up at City Hall to handle the duration of this situation. I’m onsite and will provide regular updates on, Twitter: @mariannmeedward, Facebook: marianne meed ward.

Burlington Hydro’s phone line has been overwhelmed with calls and the system is down.

No precipitation is expected tonight or forecast for the next few days, but the temperature will drop to minus 6 degrees Celsius.

If you need immediate assistance, call my cell here are the operations centre and we’ll get you what you need: 905-220-5749. Or contact me via Twitter:@mariannmeedward, Facebook: marianne meed ward email at

Details about what you can do if you are affected are below.

Power out in 12 of 28 transformers

As of 5:30 pm tonight, power is out in 12 of the city’s 28 transformers, affecting about 4800 customers. Hardest hit are areas in North Burlington where falling trees have brought down power lines, creating serious safety issues. Those areas will be brought back up first.

Once individual transformers are up, there will be several days of tree clearing and re-hanging power lines, radiating from the transformer out. Therefore, the further you live from a transformer, the longer you could be without power.

Ward 2 areas affected

Pockets of streets in Ward 2 are still without power, including parts of Martha St, Wellington, Caroline, Emerald Cresc. Ghent, Drury Lane, Bridgeman, Lorne and more. This isn’t a full list, but what I know about right now.

Let me know if you have power, or are out of power. I’ll provide updates on social media throughout the night.

Ward 2 may be without power for 36 or more hours.

What to do if you are without power

If you are without power, there are several options:

▪ Call a friend to stay with
▪ Can’t get out? Call my cell at 905-220-5749 and I’ll arrange for fire department pickup.
▪ Know someone who is a shut in? Let me know and we’ll check on them.
▪ Check Burlington Hydro website for tips on preparing for a prolonged power outage.
▪ Warming centres have been set up in two locations in Halton: Kilbride Fire Stn, 2241 Kilbride St and Milton Sport Ctre, 605 Santa Maria Blvd

Discussions are underway about setting up additional warming centres including the Seniors Centre and the Haber Recreation Centre, and arranging for bus pickups of residents who are shut-in. Burlington Transit is calling in 8 buses and drivers.

The Fire department is getting the addresses of the areas affected, and I will post it when it becomes avaialble.

Call, email ( or visit Ward2news for updates or if you need help.


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Facebook: marianne meed ward

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