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Potential redevelopment for 2267 Lakeshore; no application yet

Residents near the property at 2267 Lakeshore Road have noticed a number of trees being cut down and have asked what might be planned for development here and the rules around tree cutting.

No development application has been filed for this property yet, but I have touched base with both city staff and the planner hired by the owners of the property to find out what is permitted and what is being considered.

I am working with the planner to organize a public meeting, once an application is filed.

Draft proposed development:

  • Builder Rosedale Homes; planner Tony Millington
  • Five single family homes, with a condominium road
  • Homes will be two storey 3,000 sq ft plus.
  • All brick and stone, architecturally designed.
  • Potential price point over $1 million
  • Well landscaped along Lakeshore Road as well as internally.
  • Perimeter privacy fencing can be discussed with abutting neighbours.
  • Trees that were removed were assessed by a professional arborist and photographed prior to removal.

Permitted Development:

  • Property zoned R3.2, which allows single detached homes.
  • Minimum lot size of 425m2 per unit. The property size is about 3500m2 – which could allow up to 8 lots.
  • Minimum lot widths of 15m. The proposed units look close to that number, but we won’t know for sure until the application is filed.
  • A rezoning would be required to to permit the condominium road, to an R5 zone that allows “cluster homes”.
  • The application will be evaluated for compatibility through the intensification policies of the Official Plan.

Tree protection:

A number of trees (over 30 by some counts) were removed last December, causing considerable concern among the community. Outside of a development application, the city has no tree bylaw preventing any tree cutting on private property. Once there is a formal application (more than a simple “inquiry” or visit to the planning desk) some controls do apply, but that is not the case in this situation because there is no planning application filed for this property.

My Take: I’ll reserve judgement on the project until I see more formal plans, but at first glance it appears the building style and size conform to existing regulations. I remain concerned about tree cutting on development sites prior to submitting an application, to get around city controls under the site plan process. I had proposed changes to our tree bylaw last fall to prevent this very occurrence, but it was not supported by the majority of council.

Your Take: What would you like to see in this location? Leave a comment below. Email me at to be added to the distribution list for notice of the public meeting once it is called.


Written by Marianne Meed Ward

I was inspired to seek public office because I believe, like so many of you, “I can do something about that” on the issues we face. As councilor, my role is to take a stand on what’s best for residents and go to bat for it. Pushback is inevitable from those who don’t have the community’s interests at heart. I will stand with you and for you, to achieve the best interests of our city, without caving to unacceptable compromise in the name of consensus.

What's your take?

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