No agreement reached yet on sale of waterfront land

Community & Corporate Services Committee, May 27, 1pm & 6:30pm, City Hall

View of lake from public path between Market & St. Paul

View of lake from public path between Market & St. Paul

In an information report L-12-14 to the May 27 Community and Corporate Services Committee, staff advise that negotiations are ongoing and expected to take at least another six months.

On Oct. 15, council voted 6-1 to sell public land along the waterfront between Market St and St. Paul St to abutting homeowners. The waterfront land is jointly owned by the city and the Ministry of Natural Resources. In order for MNR staff to consider the sale of the land to the three landowners, the landowners were required to submit individual Applications for Crown Land which were processed by MNR staff. Under MNR policies:

1. The land must be sold at market value.
2. The City owned Water Street land must be transferred to the three landowners first before the MNR lands can be transferred.

MNR has agreed to sell the property to the three landowners, provided they can agree on price and timing. They are working with the three landowners to resolve this issue. Both MNR and City policies require a fully documented appraisal process to determine the market value, and that both the City and the MNR use the same valuation method and terms of reference.

Proceeds from the sale will be used to develop “Windows-to-the-Lake” at the road ends at Market St. and St. Paul with nominal amenities (benches, signage) and improve nearby Port Nelson park at the foot of Guelph Line. The Windows-to-the-Lake concept plans will be presented to committee in the Fall.

You can register as a delegation to speak at the meeting here

My Take: Any delay to the sale of public waterfront land is welcome. I did not support the sale of public waterfront land to private homeowners, but instead advocated that the city make a nominal investment to keep this open as a public waterfront pathway. I will seek a reconsideration of this sale during the next term of council. If the sale goes through, I will advocate that the sale price be made public. Read my previous posts on this issue here

Your Take: What’s your of the impending sale of waterfront land? Leave a comment below.

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