Election 2014: Running for re-election to Ward 2

Participating in the "shop the 'hood campaign": Promoting the downtown and waterfront is a key part of my campaign.

Participating in the “shop the ‘hood campaign”: Promoting the downtown and waterfront is a key part of my campaign.

I’ve registered to run for reelection as your councillor for Ward 2 in the Oct. 27 municipal election.

It’s been an honour to serve and work with you over the last four years to make our city better. I appreciate the time and expertise you’ve volunteered, and the input you’ve provided to me on the decisions council has made on your behalf. It’s made a difference.

Thanks also for the feedback you’ve given me about my service to you, for letting me know you value my commitment to representing the views of residents, giving you My Take on the issues, and letting you know what’s happening through my newsletter and social media so you can get involved.

I look forward to serving you for another four years.


  • increasing jobs and economic development
  • spending on priorities and finding savings
  • increasing public participation in decision-making
  • protecting heritage and culture
  • ensuring investments in transit, snow clearing, affordable & assisted housing
  • preserving public waterfront access
  • seeking resolution and public disclosure of the pier legal issues

You can read more about these issues, and my commitments, at votemarianne.ca

You get to select four representatives in October:

  • mayor
  • ward councillor
  • regional chair
  • school trustee

I encourage you to read about all the candidates for each of these positions and let them know what you expect from an elected representative, what issues are important to you, and where you stand. The city publishes a list of all registered candidates for each of the positions, with contact information and website links here Check back frequently, as names can be added (or removed) up until the time nominations close, Sept. 12.  Nominations opened Jan. 2.

Your Take: What are the most important issues to you for council to address in the next term? How can I serve you better as your councillor? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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