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$260k raised for Freeman Station: halfway toward goal

freemand station volunteersThe Friends of Freeman Station is a group of volunteers dedicated to restoring the historic Freeman train station. According to information in the group’s recent newsletter, FOFS has raised about $260,000, which represents about 50% of the estimated cost to restore the station and make it a viable asset to our community.

The following is summary of budget expenditures to date:

  • Construction materials, including lumber, paint, hardware, tools….. 11%
  • Preparing building prior to move and the move…. 25%
  • New Roof ….4%
  • Hydro Installation……3%
  • Removal of Hazardous materials….4%
  • Grading Excavation and back fill …23%
  • Basement (foundation)….17%
  • Publicity and public relations, including Web site, email  services, postage, bank charges, permits, insurance etc…..3%
  • Storage rental…..2%
  • Acquisition of artifacts…..8%

Our organization is 100% unpaid volunteers.

Can you help? Make a donation, become a FOFS member, or volunteer some sweat equity. Visit their webpage to find out how:

Friends of Freeman Station

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