Better snowclearing of Centennial Bikeway coming next winter

Icy sidewalk in downtown.

Icy walkway in Burlington’s downtown.

Council has approved enhanced snow clearing on the Centennial Bikeway, Beachway and North Hydro Corridor, through the addition of one contracted unit at an annual cost of $48,000.

Residents use these paths to get to school, work or the downtown throughout the winter, often more than adjacent sidewalks. They have been requesting better snow clearing in these areas as a result.

Under the old policy, paths and trails were cleared last after roads and sidewalks, and only during regular business hours. Often by the time crews reached the paths, they were already packed down and icy by the volume of walkers. The additional unit will allow our crews to get out sooner.


Read the staff report here

My Take: I support better snow clearing as a way to encourage walking and cycling on the paths all year round. Many residents contacted me to request better service and I’m pleased council has delivered.

Your Take: Are there other steps council can take to improve snow clearing? Leave a comment below.

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