Video: Free Parking in December, Saturdays in 2014

Enjoy complimentary parking on the street, and in all Municipal lots, in downtown Burlington starting November 30th (Shop the Neighbourhood Day) and continuing everyday for the entire month of December!

  1. Gary: Great idea and excellent video. Makes me want to go downtown more if I can Free P. Just thinking about…

Video: Burlington Beach residents talk about why Halton council should let them stay

Burlington and Halton Councils will vote in fall 2013 on acquiring the private homes on the Burlington Beach. The community has existed here for more than a 100 years. Some residents have lived their whole lives here; many have raised their children here. Residents have an emotional connection to the community they love. They don’t want to leave.

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  1. 10 reasons to keep residents near the Burlington beach: […] on the beach more than 70 years, and spoke about their experience and hopes for their future in a video. We…

Video on Burlington: Valuing community’s input and engagement in city hall’s decisions

City Hall does a good job of asking residents what they think. Where there’s room for improvement is incorporating that feedback into final decisions.

  1. Lynholton: Sidebar, but relevant. I got an email notification from Ward 3 Councillor Taylor's office this morning informing me of a…

    • Jfairbridge: In this day of consciousness of pollution, garbage disposal problems, destruction of natural habitat, and a multitude of other issues,…

  2. E Brian Gibson: Why do high rises have to be close to the lake?  Yes, they sell better there but we must protect…

  3. chris harvey: My view, which i have expressed before, is that the Pier project is beyond financial resolution. the Taxpayer will be…

  4. Video series: Valuing Public Input | Ward 2 | Burlington: [...] Contact ← Video: Valuing residents’ input in decisions [...]

Video: Burlington city spending is too high

City Hall is increasing taxes at 3 times the rate of inflation to pay for nice-to-have capital projects like the pier. City Hall needs to limit spending: and ideas on how we could rein it in.

Video: Burlington neighbourhoods at risk

City Hall is approving out of scale downtown development to meet urban intensification targets; but more importantly because they need developer revenue. We must balance developer interests with the community’s interests.