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Community offer

An interactive new community offer

It is crucial for a community to be informed on important issues as well as small everyday details. What makes Canada a unique country is this very idea of staying open and connected.
Ward 2 News is designed for Canadians and is interactive.

Trusted community tool

We know how hard it is to trust the information from the internet and that is why we have focused on the best coverage of all issues arising from our community, with particular attention to Burlington. In 2019, we have decided to spread the word and have created a welcome offer to everyone who is ready to follow and support our community.

Community offer

Participation is free and safe

To partake in the development of our community, all you have to do is to send us a little biography and a photo of you and to submit your concerns about issues in your area. This gives you a free online advertisement space in our newsletter for a month. Additionally, If you register to the newsletter, you will be certain not to miss any top listed news stories!

Community offer

What kind of news do you get?

Upon registration, you get the Burlington top stories fast!

  • News about city tax laws
  • Promotions in your area
  • Projects evolution on welfare
  • Different news about daily life

For more details, please contact us with the form below, we will be happy to assist you:

Compare your options

Ward 2 news requires no deposit, no account, and you can even read the news without registration. This is the beauty of it, we do not do discrimination. You can still use our spaces for advertisement, especially if you are a business in the area and make your payments with Interac.

Psychological support

You can reach us for all kinds of concerns related to the community. We like to think about our project as a web of support. If you know someone who is a victim of our town’s malfunction, let us know. We work hand in hand to build a better society and will bring you the best news and solutions possible.

We help our community

If you have a missing pet, we are offering you a free spot on the paper for free. We are here to serve the community. All you need is to send us a picture of the missing animal, your street name and a few words that could help people locate him.