Ask the Councillor: GO station; Vehicle right of way signs; Locust/Elgin development

Marianne Meed WardAsk the Councillor:

Resident N.H. asks: Do you know the latest update on the Burlington GO station re-opening?

Answer: The GO Transit website indicates that the completion date of the Burlington GO Train Station (south side – Fairview Street) is June 2015. More details can be found here


 In this day and age when all the emphasis is on green living and pollution, I am dismayed that our city erects such signs. Is there any other place on this planet that does this? I can name many that provide well posted pedestrian crosswalks. Why not our council? Fortunately, there are always a few considerate drivers who will stop to let one cross. The most indefensible sign is at the base of Locust at the Lakeshore We spend great sums to provide a beautiful lakeside park, pier, and promenade. Then we discourage people from crossing. I am sure the city fathers will say it is to protect pedestrians. I don’t buy that.

Answer: Many residents have shared their dislike of these signs for exactly these reasons. Good news: I have worked with our transportation staff to replace these signs with a standard provincial sign that advises “wait for the gap.” Some sign must be put at pedestrian crossings for liability reasons, but at least “wait for gap” sends a pedestrian-friendly advisory message, rather than conveying the idea that vehicles come first. We want downtown to be a pedestrian priority area; the new signs are a step in that direction.

condos locust 2

Resident J.S. asks: A couple of months ago I emailed you about the condo development at Locust and Elgin. I haven’t heard anything about it and saw last week that the sign is gone. Just wondering if you have any information about it?

Answer: The city does not yet have an application for this property. I will let residents know as soon as the city receives a development proposal for this site.

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