Dr. David Suzuki coming to Burlington Nov. 21

Burlington Green has partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation to bring Dr. Suzuki to town for three separate events at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre Nov. 21.
The events will focus on the Blue Dot movement which promotes the principle that all Canadians deserve to breathe fresh air, drink clean water, eat safe food and enjoy a stable climate. In 2015, Burlington City Council passed a motion committing the city to the Blue Dot Declaration. An update will be provided in the evening session on the city’s progress toward that goal. To date, 94 municipalities have signed on to the Blue Dot Declaration.

Events Nov. 21, BPAC:

  • 9 am to 3 pm: Youth Eco-Summit for Halton Students in Grades 7-12.
  • 5 pm: Private Meet ‘N Greet and Photos Dr. Suzuki.
  • 5:30 pm: VIP reception with Dr. Suzuki.
  • 7 pm: Evening Event Keynote by Dr. Suzuki
Tickets will be available in mid-September.

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Written by Marianne Meed Ward

I was inspired to seek public office because I believe, like so many of you, “I can do something about that” on the issues we face. As councilor, my role is to take a stand on what’s best for residents and go to bat for it. Pushback is inevitable from those who don’t have the community’s interests at heart. I will stand with you and for you, to achieve the best interests of our city, without caving to unacceptable compromise in the name of consensus.


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  1. Mr. David Suzuki will be in Burlington November 21, 2017 and I feel that Mayor Goldring and/or Marianne Mead Ward should set up a press conference with him in regard to his involvement in Burlington Green, the Blue Dot Movement. I believe with his photo present, that he could share his feelings on the negativeness to the environment, by allowing high density condo towers creating congestion, and crowding of our virgin green space and waterfront.

  2. David has devoted his life to science and the environment.He draws a lot of criticism because he takes a stand to live more peacefully and gently with the animal kingdom.He puts our planet ‘s well being ahead of profits or the economy.Its a trickey tightrope to walk.Its hard to support all his ideas because he is an idealist.We have to live and compete in the marketplace and this conflicts with some of his viewpoints.But if ever a person cared more for our planet earth than David I’ve yet to hear of them.If we had more David’s our world would have more balance and be better equipped to deal with a global population crisis that taxes our finite resources.

  3. I have been rebuffed from Suzuki’s minions, many times. They are only interested in environmental issues that attract the masses. If it is a small thing with huge repercussions, but not a popular environmental cause, he could not care less. I wish he would just retire and enjoy his grandkids, etc. like he promised us a few years ago…

  4. Dr. Suzuki own one car, a Prius. He is not responsible for the vehicles leased by car rental companies, or driven by airport chauffeurs.
    He acknowledges he is responsible for tons of carbon owing to his travel, so he buys carbon credits, and tries to arrange meetings by teleconference when possible.

    • He has acknowledged his travel has added hundreds of tons of carbon to the atmosphere. Until there is a better way to travel he would be hard pressed to avoid that.
      It is not the definition of a hypocrite when someone acknowledges the charge and personally pays for carbon offsets to mitigate.
      I’m sorry you don’t like him.
      I do like him, and i think he’s doing fine work. You are free to disagree, but I think it’s pointless to lecture me.

  5. I am also looking forward to seeing Dr. Suzuki. He has been a strong and sensible advocate for our environment for decades, and I’m happy Burlington cares enough to arrange his visit.
    I’m sure the event will be sold out.

  6. Yes Sheri you are so right. I’m trying to get transfered back to Burl. Will take 15 yrs probably. It would be cheaper for me to be in burl. In the long run. Plus closer to my sister.
    I don’t like it here.
    Burlington is my home.

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