Bridgewater Update: Site readied for sales centre

View of Bridgewater from the lake.

View of Bridgewater from the lake.

Residents will see some work being done on the Bridgewater site at the bottom of Elizabeth & Lakeshore, to prepare for the construction of the sales centre for the condos. Site plan approval has been issued for the sales centre, and a building permit is expected shortly.

The project consists of a 22-storey condo, 7-storey condo, and 8-storey four star hotel (hotelier still to be confirmed), with retail along Lakeshore Road. There is a central public plaza in the middle of the three buildings, with connecting walkways to Lakeshore Road, and steps leading to a public pathway along the waterfront that will connect with the Spencer Smith Park walkway.

Other updates in the project include:

• Minor site plan approval application was filed on November 26, 2013, with a resubmission of revised drawings (due to some minor design changes to the building) on December 23, 2013. City staff are working on expediting the review process so that Mady may secure a building permit as soon as possible.

• Building permit application was filed on December 19, 2013.

• Halton Region Conservation Authority permit, based on the current plans, was issued on January 3, 2014.

• Region of Halton servicing permit was issued on January 8, 2014

In anticipation of receiving the building permit shortly, Mady plans to mobilize to the site in order to commence installation of the construction trailer, layout work, installation of siltation fence and control, clearing of trees and removal of the stockpiled material on or about Monday Jan.13/14.


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