Feds affirm local laws apply at airports

Mountains of landfill on Airport beside farms in rural Burlington.
Mountains of landfill on Airport beside farms in rural Burlington.

The city is currently in court with the airport seeking to enforce our site alteration by-law for the infilling activity at the airport.

In an Advisory Circular (300-009) released Dec. 18, Transport Canada states that the Aeronautics Act does not grant immunity to an aerodrome operator/developer from compliance with all other valid provincial legislation or municipal by-laws. The document notes that for “for structures or activities that are determined not to be integral to aviation, it is expected that the proponent of an aerodrome comply with all applicable provincial legislation and municipal by-laws.”

The city won a ruling that our bylaw applied, but the Airport has appealed the decision. Our factum in the appeal case quotes from the Transport Canada circular.

To read the factums from the city and the airport, visit the city’s webpage dedicated to the ongoing airport case [www.burlington.ca/airport](http://cms.burlington.ca/Page11441.aspx).

Updates are posted about every 3 weeks, so check back regularly for news.

My Take: This is great news for the city, and will assist our case with the Aiport seeking their compliance with our site alteration bylaw.

Your Take: Leave a comment below with your take on the Airport activities.

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