Free parking Saturdays downtown; review of program

Parking garage almost always has available spaces.

Parking garage almost always has available spaces.

Free parking continues every Saturday in 2014 in downtown Burlington. On-street parking has also been extended from two hours maximum, to three hours. There is no maximum time in the lots. So if you visit on a Saturday for more than three hours, please use a lot.

Also, if you work downtown and park all day, please park in your regular spot, or the upper levels of the parking garage, and leave on-street parking, the lots closest to Brant Street, and the lower levels of the parking garage for visitors.

The parking garage has a digital sign at the entrance which records the number of spaces available. During December there were always some spaces available.

We (the city and Burlington Downtown Business Association) are reviewing our program of free parking for December, and want your input into what worked and what we could do better next time.

Lots were filled by 8 or 9 am, before stores opened, by employees of various offices downtown. We’re looking at ways to encourage employees to park in their regular lots and leave space for visitors; your ideas are welcome.

Please provide feedback by noon, Mon Jan. 27, preferably by email to (

To find parking downtown view this map. For information on parking rates & fees in municipal lots click here.

My Take: I support the free parking program as a way to bring more people to the downtown, however we’ve got to make sure the program is achieving this goal, so a review is in order.

Your Take: Do you support free parking for the month of December and Saturdays in 2014? Leave a comment below or email me privately at (

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