Ask the Councillor June 2016: when is traffic calming warranted? Illegal signs; Retirement home on Ghent

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Traffic Calming ZoneWhen is traffic calming warranted on a street?

Resident D. S. asks: What criteria is needed to warrant a speed bump?

Response: There are seven traffic calming “warrant” criteria, including such items as: percentage of vehicles travelling over the speed limits, amount of cut through traffic, number of vehicles on the road, the presence of schools or parks that generate foot or cycling traffic, and the number of pedestrians or cyclists. The full list is here: Table B – Traffic Warrant Criteria

Before the traffic calming plan is initiated, a minimum 3 of the first 6 warrants needs to be met to allow staff to create a proposed traffic calming plan. If the 7th warrant is met – the 85th percentile speed is 15km/h or more over the speed limit –  then no other warrant needs to be met.

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