SEPT Ask the Councillor: Does this real estate sign conform? Can boats be parked in driveways? What can I do about rats in my neighbourhood? Is heat regulated in apartments?

locust-real-estate-signResident B.I. asks: Does this real estate sign on Locust Street conform to our bylaws?

Response: No this sign does not conform. Real estate signs are limited in size to  3msq; this sign is 9msq. The owner has been notified to remove the sign.


boat in driveway

Resident J.C. asks: My neighbour has a small boat stored on their driveway. Due to this storage everyday all day until the evening their second car is parked on the street. I wanted to wait and see if the boat would be moved but it has not in over 6 months. Is there any type of bylaw  about this?

Response: Under the City of Burlington Zoning By-law 2020, any recreational vehicle, trailer, or any load thereon including a boat, whether on or off a trailer or other supporting device, which does not exceed a height of 1.82 metres, may be parked or stored in any yard all year long.

Any recreational vehicle, trailer, or any load including a boat is permitted in any yard between May 1st and October 31 st  as per the Zoning bylaw with one exception: if it exceeds a height of 1.82 meters/ 5.9 feet the parking and storing is only permitted in yards other than the front yard.

With regards to the street parking, the maximum time permitted on street (outside the downtown core) is five hours. To report violations, contact:

Business Hours – Parking Services

o   905-335-7816


After Hours – Halton Regional Police

o   905-878-5511 – ask for Dispatch

o   Police will dispatch a Parking Officer.

halton-rat-preventionResident P. G. asks: I have talked with neighbours up and down my street and we have a major rat infestation. What can the city do to help with this? This is far too big a problem to be handled in a piecemeal fashion by a few homeowners. We need a coordinated effort.

 Response: The City becomes involved with a rat complaint if the rodent problem is associated with city property (for example a park or watercourse).  City “property standards by-law” becomes involved if a property standards issue is contributing to the rodent problem.   The  Region of Halton’s Health Department’s role is to provide education on the prevention and control of rodents. The Region can also assist with advising residents about steps to take to help make areas less attractive to rodents. More information on rat infestations is available on the Region’s website here: Rat Prevention & Control

Resident G.P. asks: I work as a security guard at the front desk of a building in your ward. A visiting Personal Support Worker on her way out of the building expressed serious concern about the temperature and humidity in the building’s hallways, in particular relative to the health and safety of our older residents. Is a bylaw or any other governing principle in place to cover this topic?


There are not any by-laws that regulate the level of heat in hallways and common spaces. The Property Standards By-Law does address having to maintain a temperature during certain times of the year (cooler months) but does not speak to heat levels in summer.

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