Update: Approval of Paradigm project on Fairview heads back to OMB

View of Paradigm from Fairview.

View of Paradigm from Fairview.

The following is an update on the development of the lands located on the north side of Fairview, between Walmart and the GO Station owned by The Molinaro Group and called Paradigm Condominiums.


The scale of the project was determined by a 2008 Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) ruling and permits a mix of retail/commercial and multi-storey residential uses. The decision sets out specific requirements and development rights for the property, such as height, access, road improvements, public safety and noise mitigation measures, among other things. The decision allows a height of up to 20 storeys with no limit on the number of units. These items were agreed to through Minutes of Settlement and approved by the OMB.

The design, layout and other amenities of the project were open for input by residents, and formed the basis of a design workshop held on October 25, 2012 which many of you may have attended.

Amendments to Site Plan:

In 2013, The Molinaro Group made some amendments to their site plan. One of the changes requested was a reduction in the height of the two buildings facing Fairview to 18 storeys, and adding that height to the middle building in the back, along the tracks, from 20 to 24 storeys. Total residential units would increase from 921 to 929. Also proposed was a reduction in retail from 2,000 to 1,600 square metres, and a reduction in office space from 9,000 to just under 3,000 square metres. The final change was a reduction in overall parking by 336 spaces, including a reduction from 1.25 spaces for each two-bedroom unit to 1 space, and from .25 visitor spaces per unit to .18, as well as a decrease in office/retail parking.

The changes to the site plan required City Council to approve an amending agreement to the original Minutes of Settlement, which was approved by Council on April 7, 2014.

Ontario Municipal Board:

One of the outcomes of the 2008 OMB hearing requires that the site plan and revised minutes of settlement must go back to the OMB for final approval.

The Ontario Municipal Board has set a hearing date of July 23, 2014 beginning at 10 a.m. at Burlington City Hall, Room 247. Residents are welcome to attend to listen to the discussion and I will provide an update on the results of the hearing once a decision has been received by the City.

Questions about the project can be directed to Jamie Tellier, Coordinator of Site Plan Review & Urban Design, [email protected] and to me.


Marianne Meed Ward | City/Regional Councillor, Ward 2 | City of Burlington
City Hall, 426 Brant Street, P.O. Box 5013, Burlington, ON L7R 3Z6
t: 905-335-7600, x7588 | e: [email protected]

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