New design guidelines coming for tall buildings

Proposed building at Martha/Lakeshore being revised; goes to OMB Feb 2017

Proposed building at Martha/Lakeshore; goes to OMB Feb 2017

The city’s Director of Planning Mary Lou Tanner has advised council that the department will be retaining a reputable planning and urban design firm to immediately prepare draft Tall Building Design Guidelines.

The city is getting more applications for tall buildings, including at Thomas Alton Boulevard (two 19-storey towers) and the foot of Martha/Lakeshore (26-storeys), as well as several recent inquiries from developers for tower redevelopment in downtown Burlington.

“The City is beginning to feel the development pressures of intensification,” said Tanner. “For that reason, I have become convinced of the need for made-in Burlington Design Guidelines. In particular, Tall Building Design Guidelines.”

The guidelines are intended to help achieve urban design excellence, build communities with quality of life and quality of place, and fulfill the part of the city’s strategy to Grow Bold by “building up, building smart and building beautiful.”

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