Rezoning application received to allow 2 townhouses at 514 Pearl St

imageThe city has received an application to amend the Zoning By-law to permit 2 street townhouse units at 514 Pearl St, a  lot which borders Caroline St. A neighbourhood meeting will be held to review the application and answer questions. Details will be posted here shortly when the meeting is confirmed.
imageA website dedicated to the project has been opened here: Rezoning 514 Pearl

On the city site you will find a summary of the submission and supporting documents from the applicant including:

  • Planning Justification Report (PDF)
  • Conceptual Site Plan Layout (PDF)
  • Functional Servicing Brief (PDF)
  • Tree Inventory & Preservation Study (PDF)
  • Grading Plan (PDF)
  • Servicing Plan (PDF)
  • North and East Elevations (PDF)
  • South and West Elevations (PDF)

514 Pearl StThe property was the subject of a previous application to remove the home from Municipal Register of Heritage Properties (file# 501-06-6). That was supported by the city’s Heritage Committee and approved 6-1 by Council March 22, 2016. Staff had recommended a “heritage” designation for the property which would have protected it from demolition, a position I supported (see Staff Report PB-36-16). As such, I did not support removing the property from heritage register. See related article here: 514 Pearl recommended for heritage designation

Staff are currently reviewing the rezoning application for 514 Pearl. Once staff have completed their review they will issue an information report to the Development & Infrastructure Committee and City Council, followed by a recommendation report to D&I and Council that will recommend one of: approve, deny or approve with modifications.

Staff reports are available online about a week before the committee or council meeting. All meetings are open to the public and residents can register in advance to share their views with council. Additional details will follow once the dates have been set.

My Take: I am still reviewing this application so haven’t taken a position, and I’ll also want to review the staff recommendation. That said, rezonings are not to be taken lightly, and can be a slippery slope that over time significantly changes neighbourhood character. Each application must be carefully and critically reviewed on its own merits, and the impact on the neighbourhood now and in the future. I am also mindful of the new policy directions staff have outlined (and council approved in principle) regarding intensification, that it be directed to mobility hubs and designated “primary” intensification areas. See related article: Red light on intensification in established neighbourhoods

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