Cenotaph restoration work underway in preparation for Remembrance Day

Burlington, Ont.—Aug. 23, 2017—Restoration work, to be completed by Remembrance Day 2017, is underway on the Burlington Cenotaph at City Hall. The work is being done with City Council approval and in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Legion – Burlington Branch #60.

Restoration work includes:

  • Correcting two names from the First World War portion of the monument (complete)
  • Removal of the Second World War bronze plaque to correct name inaccuracies
  • The word “peacekeepers” will be engraved on the base of the monument to acknowledge Canada’s peacekeeping efforts during military conflict

Cenotaph History

Governor General Lord Byng dedicated this cenotaph in April 1922. Originally located at the west end of Lakeside Park (later renamed to honour Spencer Smith), the monument was moved to City Hall in 1962. The cenotaph is a 10-foot granite column on a two-tier base. A seven-foot bronze statue of a Canadian soldier in First World War battle-dress tops the column, which lists the names of 38 First World War fatalities from Burlington and Nelson Township, 17 key First World War Canadian battle locations and the names of 44 local service people who died in the Second World War. Burlington’s contributions to the military conflicts in Korea and Afghanistan, as well as peacekeepers, are recognized on the base of the monument.


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