Pay-by-plate parking machines have arrived in downtown Burlington

pay by plate machinesThe new pay-by-plate parking machines have arrived in downtown Burlington and will be replacing 300 individual parking meters from the streets. Precise Parklink Inc. in Toronto has supplied them. The machines will be installed in public parking lots, on public streets and the 414 Locust St garage.

Features of the new pay-by-plate parking machines include:

  •  Multiple forms of payment including coin ($2, $1, $0.25), credit or online
  • The ability to park at various locations throughout the downtown with a single payment
  • The option to add time to a parking purchase remotely using
  • No need for dashboard tickets. Every payment is linked with a license plate number. There is still the option to print a receipt.

The new machines were funded by a parking levy, paid for by downtown businesses, as well as parking fees and fines.

My Take: The new machines will ultimately make parking easier for customers – among other things, there’s no need to carry bags of coins to pay, or rush out in the middle of dinner or getting your hair done to top up an expired meter. I understand there are some growing pains and adjustments to learning the new system, but I hope you’ll agree that it is an improvement over the coin machines.

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